The Art of Who I Am

Art of Who I Am book

Museo Eduardo Carrillo long admired the work of the Young Writers Program. We thought that creating a partnership with them would enhance our mutual objectives to bring Latino art to students and stimulate the teen’s connection to the art and themselves through the YWP immersive writing program. The books featured here and at YWP share portions of those poignant, sometimes amusing and very real personal teen narratives.


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Video from Young Writers’ Event at BookShop Santa Cruz

HABLAMOS JUNTOS: Together We Speak Book

hablamos_coverThe Hablamos Juntos project is a unique opportunity to bring contemporary Latino art to young people who may know little about it. Engaging youth, particularly Latino and immigrant youth, in looking at and interpreting this art gives insight into cultural material that is in some way familiar to them.

Seeing Latino images that deal with personal themes, issues of immigration and labor, as well as memories of community life, opens the door for youth to reflect on their own lives.

—Dr. Amalia Mesa-Bains, Professor Emerita at California State University Monterey Bay

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