On Ed’s 24th Death Day

Today is the day Ed died 24 years ago, on July 14, 1997. His widow, Alison Carrillo wrote this poem in his memory.

On Ed’s 24th Death DayEduardo Carrillo

You left when I was young

Now I am old

Fresh from fifty…to crone

Will you know me?

“My, how you’ve grown!”

Still in love, even pining

Living more than twice our years together

Will I ever not know you?


10 thoughts on “On Ed’s 24th Death Day

  1. I miss him too Alison. Such a haunting suite of words. I can taste your tears.
    Ed loved you and was like a kid so happy that you chose him.

    1. Thanks, Christina. You have always been so generous with me in print. You have always gotten Ed, and I love you for it.

  2. Mi tio, how I miss him. I see him all over my house in his amazing paintings. He left so much love in our hearts.

  3. Alison, read your lovely poem.. I cannot believe it either. 24 years.
    Will always have the memories of knowing you and Ed. Those times staying with you are unforgettable. His work continues to amaze me. Your brood is hatched, no?
    there were so many little ones scurrying about last time i saw you.

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