Hablamos Juntos Posters 2016

Expanding the HJ series in 2016 was based on a new book project with the Young Writers Program.

Museo’s work with The Young Writers Program led to an expansion of the Hablamos Juntos project. A new group of students enrolled in a Watsonville continuation high school were set to begin their Young Writers Program project. This second book is based on 26 images, the initial 10 artists and an additional 13 artists to round out the second phase of the HJ poster program. Artists were drawn from an exhibition at the Pajaro Valley Arts gallery and from Museo’s curation.

Amalia-orchard-1-copy BroadsideBEduardoCarrillo--copycarlos-jackson-1-copy CarmenPortal-1-copy frank-rodriguez-1-copy Daniel Galvez hector-mendoza-1-copy Ivan Rubio Judithe Hernandez Linda Vallejo Victor Ochoa Chicano Park Mural Victor Ochoa Mural Pablo Cristi Xavier Jiramontes Yreina-1