Dis-Placed: Now in Our On View Gallery

Museo Eduardo Carrillo thanks documentary filmmaker, Pedro Pablo Celedon, for the introduction to Los Angeles artists Peter Liashkov and Marianne Sadowski and through them, Nguyen Ly.

These three artists come from many parts of the world and felicitously met in Los Angeles. Find out more by reading Dianna Santillano’s thought provoking essay which looks deeply at the art.

In their work they address their own migrations, the reverberations of newness and not being of a place, becoming of a place…

They also see in their chosen southern California community those people around them that are unhoused. They find empathy in and parallel to the issues of un-rootedness, searching for anchor and harbor.

View Peter, Marianne and Nguyen’s artworks here and see if you aren’t prompted to find kinship with those around you.

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