“Decolonizing the Artist” Featured on Google Arts & Culture Latino Hub

Suzy González and Sage Alucero are two contemporary Chicano/a/x artists who are part of an expanding group of Mexican-Americans who identify strongly with their Indigenous Mexican ancestry. Through choice of art medium, imagery, and historical location these artists create works that explore their indigenous connections in an effort to heal the generational scarring of colonization. A large part of the decolonization of their artwork and themselves as artists is the radical act of uncovering the past and internalizing the indigenous understandings that they have found. González does this through her choice of culturally significant media which she calls “Mestizx Media” and her practice of dietary non-violence, while Alucero does this through their location of queer and non-binary identity within indigenous histories and imagery.

View the Google Stories for Sage Alucero and Suzy González on the Latino Hub of  Google Arts & Culture which will be featured as part of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

The virtual exhibit and Google Stories will be on view beginning Friday, September 15, 2023 on the Museo Eduardo Carrillo website


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