Catalog for Testament of the Spirit Wins Design Award

Museo gives a standing ovation for the amazing work of Wilted & Taylor Publishing Services, who have just received recognition for producing the Carrillo catalogue.

Testament of the Spirit has won a design and production award!  AND Testament of the Spirit has been selected to compete at the awards show in January for the “Best of Show” designation.

This award is through Publishing Professionals Network which is an organization for book publishers west of the Mississippi.

Congratulations to the Crocker team, our curators Susan Leask and Kristina Perea Gilmore, and to our writers for all the work in making the catalog so worthy of this honor.

Viva Eduardo!


3 thoughts on “Catalog for Testament of the Spirit Wins Design Award

  1. We are contacting with an interest in the publication Eduardo Carrillo Testament of the Spirit, which includes a work of art from our collection in it. Is this catalogue available?

    Thank you,
    Deborah Fullerton, Curator, Art Museum of South Texas

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