Califas Legacy Project: Carmen León Exhibit on Google Arts & Culture

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Carmen Leon is the first artist we are profiling from The  Califas Legacy Project.

In the Califas Legacy Project, Museo Eduardo Carrillo documents four decades of the work of five Chicano/a/x artists in the Central Coast region; Yermo Aranda (2020 Santa Cruz Artist of the Year), Eduardo Carrillo (1937-1997), Ralph D’Oliveira, Carmen León, and Amalia Mesa-Bains. We believe it is important to fill a missing piece of American Art history by looking locally to this untapped Monterey Bay Crescent region.

The project is multifaceted and includes free online curricular resources and exhibitions, a documentary series of videos, a one-of-a-kind collaborative “mural” hand painted in an 18″ x 18″ accordion-fold book that extends to 18′, with assemblage shadow box on the cover. The book is designed and letterpress printed by Felicia Rice of Moving Parts Press

In creating the book our goal was to reunite our regional American artists, linking art and social movements of the 1960s rooted “en Califas” to the next generation of Latinx and other artists. Make use of our free resources to expand student’s knowledge of contemporary art and voices in the Latinx Chicano/a communities.  A free curricular unit brings the art to life for students through a structured guide to creating personal narrative responses. Find it here:

The legacy of these artists reaches deeply into our communities by contributing to cultural unity, enhancing collective memory, and creating new awareness in viewers.
We welcome you to explore Carmen Leon’s paintings. It is the first exhibition of work in the Califas Legacy Project series.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or feel free to leave a response below!

1 thought on “Califas Legacy Project: Carmen León Exhibit on Google Arts & Culture

  1. Congratulations Carmen !
    My name is Sergio Carabarín and I wanted to let you know that the mural still lives on at the Mona Lisa I am restoring the inside of the building and Vicki Petrovich might send me a photo of you and the other muralistas that painted the mural in the early seventies
    That photo will go inside along with some of Alex’s original water colors
    Again Congrats!

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