Behind the Scenes at Museo Eduardo Carrillo with Vicki Winters

I spend a lot of my time around downtown Santa Cruz and have always wondered what or who occupies the mezzanine on Pacific Avenue. In the past month I got to meet Vicki Winters, Museo’s website developer and creator of their online persona, whose office is housed there. Museo Eduardo Carrillo is an online museum which means Vicki’s role is central to manifesting the organizations visions.

I sat in a meeting between Vicki and Betsy Andersen discussing the Museo’s website updates. Her workplace had a homey personality complete with a tea set, art covering walls , and a foot massager. I payed attention to the way each communicated to the other. Throughout the meeting I sensed an air of relaxed professionalism. After many years of working together Vicki and Betsy easily share ideas to improve and expand the online museum and its offerings. When Vicki is not developing for Museo and others she works at sharing her knowledge and teaches web design skills to students at the UC Extension.

During the meeting I was given the chance to ask Museo’s web developer some questions. I was intrigued to know if there where any challenges designing for an art museum versus other platforms? Vicki answered that image quality and especially that of 3D type art were some of the more challenging aspects in her work. For instance, with sculptures, there is a higher degree of difficulty in capturing the works essence versus that of 2D art. I was also interested in finding out some of Vicki’s everyday encounters in her line of work. Vicki responded with challenges including organizing oneself, prioritizing projects, and creating a work life balance. However, the pros of working with art organizations and other groups included holding and creating their visions making work worth while.

Web developer’s are often taken for granted by the user as we just search for what we want and have it appear instantly to us. These developers are sometimes the unsung heroes which is why it is important to acknowledge people like Vicki Winters’ for all their hard work and time invested.

To find out more information about Vicki and her work:

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