On Ed’s 24th Death Day

Ed died 24 years ago, on July 14, 1997. Read the poem Alison Carrillo wrote to  commemorate this date.

Carmen León showcased on Google Arts & Culture 

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Carmen León is the first artist to be showcased in a series of six Califas Legacy exhibits on Google Arts and Culture. In the Califas Legacy Project, Museo Eduardo Carrillo documents four decades of the work of five Chicano/a/x artists in the Central Coast region; Yermo Aranda (2020 Santa Cruz Artist of the Year), Eduardo Carrillo (1937-1997), Ralph D’Oliveira, Carmen León, and Amalia Mesa-Bains.

About the Califas Legacy Project

The Califas Legacy Project has unified the Monterey Bay Crescent through public retrospective and multi-generational exhibitions, zoomed in opportunities, streetside art viewing, portable murals, documentary videos, panel discussions, and a Latinx-based symposium.

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